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Saturday, 13 February 2016

Two stories about a country

Two stories:

The first story goes like this. There was a girl. She was different. She lived in a country whose elites and commons strongly opposed the same sex marriage. In fact when the law was passed thousands of miles away in the United States, they protested as if it is passed in their own land. They also condemned those who supported equal LGBT rights. This girl, however, was from the LGBT community.
She stayed quiet because according to her people (even the educated ones), it was a mental disease. She was not well and needed treatment. They declared she couldn't live with normal people. She needed an asylum (according to the educated ones) or death (according to the pious ones).
*************************************End of Story****************************************************

The second story is of a girl who was born in a poor country. She did well in her studies and managed to immigrate to a western country. She did extremely well there and became a renowned scientist.

One day she discovered something big. The world praised her. The elites and commons of her own country were really proud of her. They couldn't stopping boasting about her that she is from their country. They told her stories to their children, their acquaintances and to the world. Her people said that if given the right opportunity, the people of this country could do wonders, like this girl did, and they were absolutely right.
**************************************End of Story******************************************************

What if I tell you that the girl in both the stories is the same; Nergis Mavalvala. What if she was stoned to death in her own country because she was different. And all the educated ones and not-educated ones would have either supported the stoning or stayed quiet. The more "considerate" and "liberal" ones would have condemned stoning and supported the idea of putting her in a mental asylum instead.

Yes. That's us. The people of Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

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