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Tuesday, 22 December 2015

M's Story and our Hypocrisy

The story goes like this:

She lived in Swat. 

She wanted to educate people. 

She was opposed for doing so by her critics. 

Critics then turned attackers. Situation got worse and she was attacked. 

She survived. 

In many other attacks, her fellow citizens died. 

Some people even went further and blamed her for those deaths.

And all other things going wrong in their state (from divorces to corruption).

To save her life, she migrated to Birmingham. 

The world accepted her, praised her. 

Her own people called her a drama. 

Her name was Malala. This is her story.

Now please use the following key,read again and rate your hypocrisy:
(From 0 'I take sides based on issues/principles'  ---------  to  --------- 10 'I takes sides based on who is involved'):

She/Her with  He/Him/His
Swat with Mecca
Birmingham with Medina
Malala with Muhammad

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