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Wednesday, 20 May 2015

A conversation with Ansar Abbasi

A conversation with people like Ansar Abbasi (AA) after the Safoora Goth Massacre:

Me: Some Islamic scriptures support violence and murder.

AA: Don't blame Islam. If Muslims cannot understand the scriptures, with the right context then don't accuse Islam.

Me: Ok then, Muslims are to be blamed. 

AA: Not all Muslims. Do NOT stereotype! 

Me: Ok some Muslims. 

AA: But those are NOT True Muslims!

Me: Ok then let's make laws so they cannot do what they are doing. So they cannot preach hate. So they cannot pass judgments on people's faith. Let's catch, trial and jail them.

AA: Jail them??!?? All they are asking for is Shariah Law. Where is your SECULAR FREEDOM OF SPEECH NOW!??!??

*Rangeela does Sajda. Accepts Islam*

(There must be a God who is making sure that people of this IQ are in the top 0.0001% salary bracket)