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Thursday, 6 February 2014

Maligning my Country. Enough is Enough!

This post by Qooba is in retaliation to the International and local media who go around maligning my country. The "whole West" should stop generalizing against all Pakistanis. Therefore, to address the international media, Qooba writes in his Gulaabi English. Get ready you people. Your father is writing.

Not to dwell into a lot of issues and conphhuse things, Qooba will just pick one incident. It was promoted that Malala's book was banned in Khyber PakhtunKhwah and Pakistan is a country which cracks down on Books. Ok if you say so. Now see my counter arguments which will make you eat your own shitty words:
  1. It is banned for sekoorty reasons u idiot. PTI govt care for people. That's why! What if, on the launch 100 people come and open fire? who will be responsible for dead? Of course Malala and you liberal fashishts. Do not ask me why the same PTI fan base made mockery of a very similar logic put forward by Rehman Malik in defense of mobile phone bans. We can discuss it some other time *cough*
  2. The book was also defending Salman Rushdie. Now as an honest muslim, you tell, should it not be banned? What U say? That our Holy book and religion so weak that it will get threatened by another book? *cough* Let's meet somewhere my friend then I show u who is weak. LOL :D
Now let's come back to freedom of choice, freedom of speech in Pakistan. General Examples from Qooba's well researched tweets:
We allow so much freedom of speech, my molvi allows me to pick any surah i like after sura e fateha in namaz. See.